January 14, 2015

APRIL 1-30, 2015

30 Days Of Poverty is a community-wide campaign to fight local poverty.


We do this by answering three questions:

What does Evansville poverty look like?
Who’s working to fight it?
How can I get involved?

Explore these questions yourself through a month-long series of events.

What does Evansville poverty look like?

What do you see when you think of poverty?
It’s easy to picture a third-world orphan instead of our neighbor. However, 15.5 % of Vanderburgh County residents are living under the federal poverty line. This means that children go hungry, young adults couch surf, veterans need work, multiple families live under one roof, and many others suffer the effects of poverty here in the tri-state.
This poverty causes long-term damage to both those struggling and the community around them.

Who’s working to fight it?

Over 30 local organizations are partnering through 30 Days Of Poverty. These agencies are working to meet various needs from language barriers to medical assistance to job placement.
Meeting the need alone is not the answer. Poverty is often multi-generational and it’s extremely difficult for those raised in poverty to break the cycle.
We as a community are working together to offer long-term solutions to eliminate poverty locally. We’re working to understand root causes behind poverty, provide partnerships, and offer relationships for long-term change.

How can I get involved?

30 Days Of Poverty is about offering you a chance to discover what Evansville poverty looks like, learn who is working to fight it, and to act by getting involved in one of these organizations.
You will find events throughout the month of April to help you discover and explore these agencies to see if one might be a good fit for you as a donor or volunteer.
If each local agency gained 5 volunteers and 5 donors, our community would not be the same.

Contact Us:

812.423.9222‬ or jsecrest[at]restoringpeople.com

30 Days of Poverty is hosted by the Evansville Christian Life Center.